EBI 18 The Female Strawweights

EBI 18 The Female Strawweights 16-Man Jiu-Jitsu Tournament Sunday December 9, 2018 Live right here

The show is expected to run 3-4 hours long
**EBI Rules**
• 16-man, Single Elimination Tournament
• Matches consist of 1 ten minute round
• Referee may stop the clock for: ▪ Groin shots, Eye pokes, Bleeding, Out of Bounds, Required Doctors Evaluation
• Competitors have 5 minutes to recover
• All submissions are legal
• No Points, No Advantages, No Judges Matches will end by
▪ Physical tap out, Verbal tap out, Inability to defend, Significant risk of damage, Throwing in the towel
• If No Submission after 10-minutes occurs, the match will go on to overtime

▪ Overtime consists of 3 rounds with no time limit
▪ Competitors will take the back or spiderweb position
▪ The competitor on offense gets the choice ▪ Each half of the round will end in escape or submission
▪ If only one competitor gets the submission in the 1st round of overtime then that competitor wins.
▪ If both competitors submit in the same round, the quickest submission wins
▪ If after 3 rounds with no submissions, overtime escape times are added up.
▪ The competitor with the quickest overall escape time wins the match
More about the event:
For any information or questions please view our FAQ's and support page

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